Our Story

Located in Bebedouro, São Paulo State, Apidouro was established in 1985 by João Carlos Laforga Messas, bachelor of civil engineering and fascinated by the apiculture universe. Over more than 35 years, it has solidified itself as an important company of success and the partner of big national and international players.
At the beginning the internal market was the commercialization target. However the visionary look of its progenitor already saw a possibility of conquering the international market. After all, he believed in his potential work and the quality of his Brazilian honey.

Today 98% of the commercialized honey is exported to several countries.

In 2001, what was once just a dream, became reality. Apidouro signed its first international contract with a German Company: JG Schütte Honig, with which it practically commercialized all its production until 2004.

Since then, Apidouro has gone through a period of business expansion, conquering new markets, partners and important certifications for the development and general improvement of internal processes ensuring quality and product safety.


Learning about Beekeeping

João Carlos Laforga Messas has his first contact with beekeeping and honey universe through Mauri Trevisan, his Civil Engineering Professor in College.

Imagem do ano 1980
Imagem do ano 1980

Recently graduated and struggling to find a job in his area of graduation, he decided with the knowledge he had, to become a beekeeper. The following year, with 200 hives, he met and established a partnership during four years with Marcos Santin, who became essential for the beginning of the honey commercialization.

Imagem do ano 1983
Imagem do ano 1983

João Carlos assumes Apidouro’s direction and focused on the honey production until mid 1994, when the apiculture activity ended.

Imagem do ano 1988

He invested in renting a building, got the necessary documentation issued by the official organ bodies and initiated the commercialization of fractioned honey with the trade name Apidouro.

Imagem do ano 1995
Imagem do ano 1995
Imagem do ano 1995

A great historical milestone: The International Market changes and new rules appear in Europe for importing honey, barring countries that had contaminated honeys. With this, Apidouro signs a contract with Peter Schütte’s Germany company, JG Schütte Honig, performing the first 2 exportation of orange blossom honey containers.

Imagem do ano 2001
Imagem do ano 2001
Imagem do ano 2001
Imagem do ano 2001

Apidouro ended the year exporting 168 honey containers, becoming the biggest honey exporter of Brazil, in the very first international selling year.

Imagem do ano 2002

With the death of Peter Schütte, comes to an end the partnership that opened Apidouro’s doors abroad. The international marked undergoes changes again and Europe starts to import more from Argentina, giving space to the USA to enter in the honey market and become the biggest honey importer from Brazil.

Imagem do ano 2004

The need arises to search for an invester partner and this partnership is signed this year.

Imagem do ano 2006

In August, Apidouro is transferred to its new building, where it is still located until this day, in perfect operation, with João Carlos and Meire, his wife, in the management of the company.

Imagem do ano 2007
Imagem do ano 2007
Imagem do ano 2007

Apidouro sees the possibility of acting in the organic product market, and they initiate the certification of thousands of hives in the principal Brazilian beekeeping regions.

Imagem do ano 2008

João Carlos ends his Apidouro participation and sells his shares to the invester partner then.

Imagem do ano 2010

After spending 2 years dedicating himself to other activities, João Carlos assumes, again, Apidouro, being the only owner.

Imagem do ano 2013
Imagem do ano 2013

His oldest daughter, Mirella Varrichio Messas, initiates her participation in the family business, acting in the Exporting Department.

Imagem do ano 2015

Time comes for Camilla Varrichio Messas to join Apidouro’s team, working in the Financial Administrative Department.

Imagem do ano 2017

João Marcello Varrichio Messas, also the son of the owners, joins the family, working in the Department of Production and and Organic Certification.

Imagem do ano 2020

The Future

Apidouro envisions a brilliant future, with success and always aiming for great results. The trust among the generations encourages and motivates the cooperation of the family members, responsible for the company's progress.


We believe that investing in the human aspect, through favorable working conditions, humanization of the environment and professional development is the formula for our success.
Clients, beekeepers, partners and collaborators are our biggest profit, guaranteeing high quality services and products for Apidouro to grow in a solid way in the market.


We want to be recognized for our story, solidity and search for excellence, a commitment grounded in our ideology.


The responsibility in the role of each function of the company and in the handling of products is daily experienced by all our employees. The good relationship with clients, suppliers, employees and with the community is one of the paths to reach trust and success. The quality and excellence demanded by us passes by all our processes, from the honey choice and product manipulation to the storage, transport and distribution.