The price of honey

In this year of 2023, many beekeeping professionals, intermediaries, and even exporters have been questioning the reason behind the reduction in honey prices in the market. Various theories arise to try to explain the market movement, however, the truth is that there is no single explanation. The answer is also not simple and requires a…

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Brazilian Green Propolis: Properties, Uses, and Pharmacological Applications

Green propolis, a natural product mainly originated in Brazil, has been the subject of various studies in the field of natural product chemistry. This substance, obtained from bees, is used by them to protect the hive, and for a long time has been utilized by humans due to its pharmacological properties. With the advancement of…

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Organic honey production in Brazil:

Honey in Brazil: The Remarkable Advancement of Organic Beekeeping In an increasingly health-conscious world, honey produced in Brazil is gaining prominence and appreciation. Recognized as one of the purest honeys globally, this precious Brazilian product is making significant impacts. From job creation to income growth, as well as the preservation and expansion of fauna and…

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The Diversity of Honey

Discovering the Wonder of Honey Undoubtedly, honey, one of the most beloved foods around the world, is the result of the sweet nectar from flowers. Diligent bees collect this substance and, with their tireless work, transform it into a sweetness filled with complex flavors. Interestingly, the unique properties of honey directly reflect the diversity of…

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