Product Quality and Safety Policy


Our laboratory is an important part of the process, where rigorous physical-chemical analyzes of the raw material and the final product are conducted, in order to guarantee the quality of our honey. Therefore, it is possible to identify all physical-chemical characteristics that do not attend the demands imposed by the legislation and our customers.

Besides the internal process, Apidouro has a big partnership with laboratories of international credibility that exert a fundamental part in the detailed and in-depth analysis of the honey. This way, Apidouro is able to offer its customers the commercialization of a very high quality product.

Food Safety and Quality

Apidouro meets all current national and international requirements related to the food handling Market to exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers. Food Quality and safety processes are strictly respected, carefully applying monitoring and supervision at each production process stage. Thus seeking the satisfaction of our customers and partners.


Organic Regulation – EU

Organic Regulation of the EU EC 834/2007, indicating European Union organic products certified by authorized agencies. It is mandatory for products with 95% to 100% organic ingredients, with the remainder following strict conditions

USDA Organic

Certification present in food products that comply with the organic regulations of the USDA - United States Department of Agriculture.

Kosher is a certification/term referring to foods that are suitable or permitted by Jewish dietary laws.
IBD certifications
Certification body for export-oriented organic products. Responsible for issuing organic certificate of honey exported by Apidouro to the whole world.
True Source Honey
Certificate that ensures traceability and clear identification of the honey origin. This guarantees the supply of honey with a fully traceable origin.
SIF – Federal Inspection Service
A seal furnished by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and required for the commercialization of animal products in national and international territory.
HACCP – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point
Internationally legalizes good food manufacturing practices. This seal shows compliance with national and international food safety requirements by analyzing hazards and critical control points.